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 First impressions of a gsi

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PostSubject: First impressions of a gsi   Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:02 am

Well i picked up the gsi today and i have to say im very impressed, its only done 40k but it drives like new, no rattles, no clonks, no vibrations, everything is solid and the whole car just feels incredibly tight.
Driving is great compared to our galaxy, it has so much more effortless power and it corners and brakes with poise and purpose, even 5th gear picks up really well on the motorway and the engine is super smooth and very flexible with a lovely linear delivery just getting stronger as the revs rise. One surprise was just how frugal how it is too, it was returning over 40 mpg on the motorway without really trying.
Its really quick off the mark too, i was surprised how quickly it accelerates up to motorway speeds and im sure it would go the wrong side of 100mph very easily.
I was very impressed with the dealers, which is a first and i have had many cars, when i got their the car even had 4 new tyres !!, its had a full service and cambelt, tensioners and water pump and its 99.9 % immaculate and anyone who has one in arden blue will agree with me that they just look the dogs, lol. It has that kind of purposefull stance and look that just sits right without suggesting chav and the snowflakes are the perfect match.
Ok its not got the new upgraded interior of the new vxr but everything is set out nice, the air con blows so cold it will soon have you turning it off because your freezing and though it doesnt look so modern as the vxr interior it pretty much has all the gadgets you will realistically ever need, heated leather seats, cruise , trip computer, electric windows, etc you know the spec.
Im so impressed im wondering wether it would be a shame to modify it and if i should just leave it standard !
The galaxy was a lumbering oaf, the gsi is an athlete in comparison and for the first time since i sold my track car i find myself looking forward to the next drive and being enthusiastic about things like washing and polishing the bodywork and wheel cleaning etc.
The galaxy as its name suggests was bigger and so had comprehensively more room inside but the more compact dimensions of the gsi with its more sport inclined set up and of course a much reduced kerb weight make it just feel so much more alive and enjoyable and it will still easily cater for the load lugging when required, what a superb all rounder, iv'e never been a vauxhall man, ive only had one, an omega elite 3 litre and the cambelt snapped on that when id only had it a month, fortunately it was repaired under warranty but it had some niggly faults and so i sold it, never expecting to have another car with a griffon on the bonnet glad i was open minded enough to try the mark again.
My new steed will be fed purely on sul, can't go feeding a race horse on cart horse fodder, lol
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PostSubject: Re: First impressions of a gsi   Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:56 am

Glad you like the Vauxhall Zafira Gsi sure that you wont be dissapointed with all..

Drives a Zafira GSI Arden Blue
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PostSubject: Re: First impressions of a gsi   Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:23 am

thats one hell of a write up do you work for a vx mag with that write up you have a job for life lol

but glad your impressed with it

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PostSubject: Re: First impressions of a gsi   

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First impressions of a gsi
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